Your Training with Medical Bridge Germany

We wish to offer you a long-term future while contributing to solve the shortage of doctors in Germany. Here you can get a glimpse of the 8 steps that you will go through within the span of one year, while participating in “Doctors Bridge Germany”.

On the platform, you will be guided step by step through the application process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Step 1: Registration

Please request your access data for our application platform by clicking the registration button, which you will receive access data immediately. On the platform, you will be guided step by step through the application process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Step 2: Application platform

On our application platform you will be guided through a series of questions about your education as well as your personal and professional backgrounds. Please make sure to complete all required information as it is fundamental in the decision process.

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Step 3: Assessment Center

If your application has been approved by Medical Bridge Germany, you will receive an invitation to an assessment center in your region, usually an easily accessible capital or metropolis.
After a series of tests and interviews to check if you are a match for one of the hospitals in Germany, you will be informed that same day whether you have been selected for our program.

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Step 4: Information day and contract

If you have been selected for the Doctors Bridge program, you will take part in an exclusive information day. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about the program. You will receive a contract for your participation in the program as well as a provisional employment contract with a German hospital. A lawyer will answer any questions you may have regarding these documents.

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Step 5: German online course, visa, and relocation

Now it's time to move to Germany. We will assist you with the visa application and organizing the move. In the meantime, you will take part in an intensive online language course that will give you an initial listening and reading comprehension of the German language.

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Step 6: German lessons in Germany

You will go to school every day and learn German very intensively for a period of 6 months, after which you will take the C1 certification. Subsequently, you will register for the medical language examination which is requirement in order to be admitted as a physician.

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Step 7: Hospitation, further education, and training

In this phase of the program, you will go through special training courses that will prepare you for the German healthcare system. This will get you ready for the Approbation, the admission test in order to work as a doctor in Germany. At this time, you will also have contact with your future employer.

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Step 8: Workplace and salary

As soon as you have successfully passed the admission test (Approbation), you will move to the city where you will work as a hospital doctor. We will be happy to assist you with advice and practical guidance during your settling-in period. Read here to learn more about what you can expect to earn.

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