As soon as you have successfully passed the admission test (Approbation), you will move to the city where you will work as a hospital doctor. You will have finally reached your destination and will be licensed as a doctor in Germany.

Since you received your employment contract with German clinic at the beginning of the program, you may begin working. We will be happy to assist you with advice and practical assistance during your settling-in period.

Specialist training

Your opportunities for are not yet over when you start working at the clinic. This is where you start your further training as a German specialist (professional title “Weiterbildungsassistent”).

For this specialist training, the education received in your home country can be credited so that this education period is becomes shorter.

There are 52 medical specialties in Germany, and thus considerably more than in many other countries. Based on your training certificates, we can assign you to a German specialty in the program.

Normally, specialist training takes 5 or 6 years. As a rule, a maximum of 24 months can be credited, so that we generally speak of 5 years of training as a German specialist.

Salary and taxes

German hospital physicians are usually paid according to specified rates. This means that the income for salaried physicians is bindingly defined by a higher-level framework agreement.

The yearly starting salary for a hospital physician (“training assistant”) who is not yet a specialist is around 54,000 €. In addition, there are allowances for night and weekend shifts. These may well amount to an additional 5,000 – 6,000 € per year.

Most taxes and duties are so-called “payroll taxes” for health, pension, and unemployment insurance as well as income tax, which are automatically deducted from your salary.

The German tax system generously rewards families with children: Married couples with children pay less tax and their salary is higher.

But there are a number of other special rules that apply to your travel, education, or other expenses that reduce your income tax.

As a rule of thumb, single people get about 60% of their salary while married people with two children get about 68% of their salary.

Read more about the German tax system here: