Medical Bridge GmbH (RU)

Medical Bridge is a joint venture of Kolping Bildungswerk Paderborn, one of the most respected education and training providers in Germany and QI Consult.

In partnership with you, we carry out the proactive and sustainable recruitment of international medical professionals for the German healthcare system.

Kolping Bildungswerk Paderborn

Our Partner Kolping-Bildungswerk Paderborn takes over the demanding language training as well as the advanced medical training of our candidates, and guarantees, with its experience and know-how, the high quality and success rate of the Doctors Bridge program.

With 2,000 employees, 25 subsidiaries, and over 5,000 participants daily, the Kolping-Bildungswerk Paderborn is one of the largest training and further education providers in Germany.

Kolping Bildungswerk Paderborn gGmbH covers the complete education chain with its offers.

They offer education formats for every age that are tailored to the needs of the customers. Kolping Bildungswerk Paderborn stands for “education with value”. Professionalism, reliability, and a solid foundation of values characterize them. Here, the human being is the focus.

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QI Consult GmbH

Our partner QI Consult GmbH has developed the concept of “Qualified Migration” for Medical Bridge Germany GmbH. This is a software-supported program that considers all aspects of recruiting medical professionals.

QI Consult provides a modern, powerful online platform whose individual modules allow us to guarantee a high degree of transparency and effectiveness to all parties involved in every phase of the recruiting process.

From the needs assessment in your company, the assessment of candidates, validation of all documents, language training, advanced training, relocation, Approbation, and to the employment contract, all steps are mapped out with the help of the online platform. All professional, employment, financial, and residence aspects are taken into consideration.

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