Invitation to the Assessment Center

If you receive our invitation to the assessment center by email, please confirm your participation promptly. Please understand that you will have to pay your own travel expenses.

Please remember to bring your original school and university degrees, references, etc. with you. You will also need your passport for identification on site.

Schedule during the Assessment Center

After the welcome, you will take various tests which will provide us with information about your behavioral and professional skills. We check your medical knowledge, your ability to work as part of a team, your ability to learn a language and/or your German knowledge.

The medical knowledge and linguistic capabilities exams are taken digitally with the help of tablets, which allows us to ask each candidate different questions and to evaluate the results immediately with our assessment software. Further tests, such as team skills, take place in a group.

This is followed by an interview via video conference with your potential employer, a German hospital, represented by two doctors. Of course, the interviews will be conducted in your native language with the help of an expert interpreter on site.

The decision makers from the German hospital and the team from Medical Bridge Germany then analyze and discuss the results. You will be informed on the same day whether you have been accepted into our program. With this confirmation, you will receive an invitation for the information event on the next day.